Developing a web site...
A web site develops over time. A medium- or large-sized business will employ a team of professionals, either in-house or out-sourced, to analyze needs (short-term and long-term), budget requirements, industry standards and competition. This takes time and can be expensive, but can save on costly mistakes down the road. Based on the analysis, a Request for Proposal is created and web design companies are invited to bid on the job.

How we work with Small Businesses to save you Big $$$...
Small business owners don't have the resources to do an in-depth needs analysis necessary to develop a comprehensive Request for Proposal. A small business has unique needs, and a limited budget for web site development. Trinity Web Consulting teams up with each of our clients to create your web site at an affordable cost. And we don't stop there... As your needs change, we are right there with you to add new elements to your site, keeping it fresh, and giving you the flexibility you want to manage your site yourself, or leave the management to us.

The Small Business Site
Developed for Web Domain business owners who are ready to establish a business presence on the Internet, the Small Business Site Package keeps design costs low, while providing flexibility and room for expansion. The initial Home Page is $85, plus $35 for each additional page. You are responsible for providing the content (text and graphic elements) in digital (computer generated) format. If you need extra help scanning images or writing content, the hourly rate of $55 applies.

FREE One-hour Consultation
Spending a little time on the phone (or face-to-face if you are in Los Angeles County) is a great beginning. If we are going to be working together we've got to know that we can communicate with one another. We can analyze your needs and give you a realistic quote for your web site design and implementation. There's no charge for this initial consultation, and no obligation for future business. If we don't "connect", or if there is a better solution for your needs than we can provide, we'll happily refer you to someone who is a better match for your needs. To reserve time for your free initial consultation please Contact Us